Surprise! Another community art challenge announcement! ;P

The entries to the first round of this year's Original Fiction Big Bang have been posted, and they include art by your humble servant. *bows deprecatingly* This is the Reversebang round, in which the art comes first, and the fics inspired by them follow.

Enthusiasm at the comm this year seems to be running a bit low, but I've had just as much fun (and massive amounts of hard work) as usual with my entry. Also, I'm thrilled to pieces with the fic that the sweet and talented angelskuuipo  produced in response to my pic! It's a lovely introduction to an original 'verse she's been working on, and I'm floored by how ingeniously she's incorporated my picture into a story which encompasses so many established elements of her 'verse. Even putting those considerations aside, though, this is a story I'd be happy to have stumbled upon in any context--a warm and endearing slice of life within a unique and intriguing family. Do check it out!

The Sherlock Big Bang is here!

...And I have the honor of being in the first round of posting. ^___^

The picture I submitted is a bit unusual for me, though it does continue my recent trend of using photography in order to obtain the images I need. This time I actually constructed an elaborate still-life scene, using about 30 props to illustrate a description of the character (Molly Hooper)'s desk. The desktop described, and indeed the whole story, is exaggerated for comic effect, and I hope I've captured that over-the-top sense, while doing justice to the sweetness and quirkiness of the character herself (both in the story and in the show).

In case you're unfamiliar with the fandoms involved (but want to be polite and check out the entry nonetheless), the primary joke being made in the scene I've depicted goes like this:

Molly (a character from BBC's Sherlock) has a new boyfriend, whose likeness is plastered all over her workspace.
That boyfriend is Martin Crieff (a character from Cabin Pressure, a BBC Radio serial).
In Sherlock, Sherlock Holmes is played by Benedict Cumberbatch.
In Cabin Pressure, Martin Crieff is played by Benedict Cumberbatch.
In this scene, when Sherlock gets a gander at Molly's beau, he is singularly unimpressed by the man's looks.
Fan-lols ensue.

You can find the comm, with links to my art and the story that inspired it, at I very much enjoyed creating my entry, including reading the outrageously funny story "What's on a man's mind," by dioscureantwins, and I'm very much looking forward to seeing the new entries as they appear!

What Sherlock character are you?

This is so blatantly untrue, but I'm flattered nonetheless. Who wouldn't be, to be told they're a sweet, cuddly badass? =P

John Watson

You are John Watson. Let’s be honest, pretty much everyone loves you. Warm, patient and personable, you’re willing to put up with a great deal (possibly too much?) from those you care about and you are intractably loyal. You’re a bit of a thrill seeker and frequently rush headlong into danger, especially if it’s to protect someone important to you. You have a stubborn streak and maybe a possible psychosomatic injury or two, but you’re definitely the person all your friends want on their side in a fight.

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BBC Sherlock--the CV (resumé) revealed!!

Wow, am I really posting twice in one day? Incredible!! I got hit with a sudden brainstorm, though (inspired by the genius work of wellingtongoose, found in this post), and decided to try my hand at making a transcript of Dr. John Watson's resumé (or CV, as the Brits like to call it) as it appears in the episode The Blind Banker.

Update: Now available on A03 (where it fits so much better in the layout!).

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A new post! How rash and daring of me!!

Really, I can't tell you how often I've told myself that I ought to use this journal more often for posting, rather than just occasionally lurking about for updates from my f-list. I think it's lovely the way that the average LJ-er shares whatever strikes her fancy, or at least what's newly absorbing her in fandom/life/whatever. This is the funnest bit of the internets, and I really shouldn't let myself be intimidated out of doing a bit of it myself, just because I haven't quite managed to overcome the last vestiges of my childhood shyness! ...Not that I can guarantee that I'll be turning a new leaf, but, well, for the moment, anyway, I'd like to try. ^^

So, what's new in my fannish realm? Geek & Sundry, for one thing, which I'm finding amusing as an occasional time-waster. For the most part, I enjoy Felicia Day's blog--known as "The Flog"-- very much, though I must warn that that sweet little pixie of a girl can get pretty vulgar sometimes. My other favorite segment is "Table Top," with Wil Wheaton (STTNG's Wesley Crusher) and various guest stars playing a wide assortment of board games, card games, etc. It's fun to watch people having fun! ^^

Epbot is my favorite blog of all time, though, and I highly recommend it for its consistently friendly, encouraging, geekly voice and content. Jen Yates, who writes with occasional help from her hubby John, is a big fan of all things sci fi, steampunk, and Disney, and she shares lots of convention pics, Etsy finds, craft projects, and even some inspiring stories. Love it!!

...And then there's my new TV fandom, suggested to me by my eldest daughter--Sherlock. Apparently, I'm in for an excessively long wait for new episodes, but I agree with my girl that the six episodes available thus far are good enough to keep a willing fan going for quite a while on re-watches and speculation. The actors and their chemistry are top-notch, and although the writing has Steven Moffat's signature style all over it (with plot consistency and credibility taking a back seat--possibly the very last seat on the whole bus--to dramatic tension, sentiment, and really engaging characters), I've enjoyed both seasons (yup, three episodes per season. Crazy!) immensely, and I've already found an online starting point for my fannish enjoyment of the hiatus at Violin and Watch, an LJ comm for Sherlock and other Holmsian fanfic that's all low-rated gen and het.

I'm glad I gave the series a try--it really is right up my alley. The quirkiest, most socially challenged of geniuses + a wonderfully down-to-earth, caring, daring friend = a totally unlikely yet perfectly believable and deeply attached friendship. Sound familiar, SGA fans? lol! I love the concept, too, of placing Holmes and Watson into modern-day London, and I very much like the way the episodes each harken back in numerous ways to the Doyle canon, yet depart from it liberally and unashamedly, too. Benedict Cumberbatch's Sherlock is exactly what you'd expect in a modern re-interpretation of the role: edgier, more egotistical, far more broken and antisocial and out of sync with "ordinary" humanity. I'm sure some sort of comparison between him and House is called for at this point, but I can't say I know that series well enough. I am glad that the original Holmes' cocaine/morphine addiction hasn't surfaced yet in the new series--perhaps I have House to thank for that? Anyway, I like Cumberbatch's Sherlock because he's brilliantly played, and because John Watson is utterly perfect as played by Martin Freeman, and I couldn't possibly fail to care about someone he's so devoted to. <3 Yup, they've found all the good buttons in this show, and they've been madly pressing them, and I'm good and hooked. ^^ And as an extra, added bonus, they've even left out all of the graphic sex and violence that a modern crime drama could easily have. God bless them!!

Deadline met! another time zone, but that totally counts for internets submissions, yay! Got my OFBB Reversebang pic sent in so the writers can claim it on Tuesday. I'm pretty happy with it, mostly for the reason that looking at it makes me happy!

I hope whomever ends up with it for the challenge finds it inspirational, and not too frustrating to work with. Like my submission for last year, it's not exactly a narrative image, the way that some of the other artists' submissions were. I don't think my brain works that way very well...or maybe it's just that my current interests don't lend themselves to that type of treatment, it's hard to tell! Oh, well, I'm sure I'll make up for it during the "original flavor" round, since my instinct when illustrating a story is to try my darndest to get every major event/element of the story into my pic!! =P

It's Big Bang time again...!

Okay, I did it! Yup, signed up for originalbigbang again. I enjoyed last year's "Reversebang" round very much, though, true to form, I spent enormous, gigantic scads of time making my pic. The original-flavor round was enjoyable too, as usual--and really, it's such a great motivator for fan-creators to branch out a bit and do something totally their own, so I'm very glad to support the comm with my own efforts (whatever varying degree of success they may enjoy!).

If you think you might want to join, all the necessary info is at the link above, and at the dreamwidth mirror comm. The Reversebang sign-up deadline for artists is Sunday, March 4th; for authors, Saturday, April 7th.